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2013 Dick & Eva Sue with Angel Rodriques, May 2013.jpg

Giving Back
to Those in Need

Eva Sue is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her cookbook to a faith-based ministry providing educational sponsorships for children and students in Mexico.  Their mission is to partner with churches and families in the Baja region of Mexico to transform communities.  This is accomplished primarily through educational sponsorships with eliminate economic barriers and empower students.

2013 Dick and Eva Sue in Mexico with the first student they sponsored.

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  Eva Sue and her husband Dick have sponsored a student in the Ministry operated by Mariners Church since 2011 and have been to Mexico to meet their student.  Together they have seen first hand the life change that happens when you provide basic necessities to stay in school and build relationships with students and families in Mexico.  In 2021, the Mariners Church sponsorship  ministry merged with another sponsorship ministry to form a nonprofit called Do For One Foundation, and all proceeds from this cookbook are being sent to the foundation to keep more students in school.  The new nonprofit is currently building their website, and plan to launch in January 2022.

Eva Sue teaching crafts 2, May 2013.jpg

2013 Eva Sue in Mexico doing crafts with sponsored students at a special event..

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