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This cookbook was self published with no professional editor or photographers.  So there are bound to be a few typos or mistakes.  We did our best to proof and reproof, but any updates can be found here.  You can also always email us with questions or comments.

Pizza Casserole 3.jpg

July 2021

After the initial round of books were purchased we realized that on page 187 there is something missing from the directions for Pizza Casserole.  It never tells you when to add the jars of pizza sauce.  Just like you normally add the sauce on a pizza directly on the crust, add 1 jar of sauce on top of each layer of lasagna noodles in this recipe.

Pizza Casserole, page 187

Beef Broth Fondue 1.jpg

January 2022

Early editions of the cookbook have a mistake on page 152.  For the Beef Broth Fondue recipe, the amount of beef broth used should be 21ounces, not 3 ounces.  Sorry we did not catch this mistake sooner!

Beef Broth Fondue, page 152

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