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Eva Sue's Kitchen

Do you seem to always be searching for something new to serve your family but finding great recipes is a real challenge?
Eva Sue’s Kitchen has 250 family tested and mom approved recipes collected over 4 generations and lovingly compiled into one amazing cookbook! Each recipe has photos and nutrition facts, and many have tips to help you make a perfect dish.
This family legacy cookbook is filled with simple to make recipes every family will love.

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Eva Sue (Bourne) Akins has been cooking for more than 75 years and while she is not a trained chef, most people would say she is a great cook.  She focuses on creating good-ole homecooked meals for her family and friends.  

Eva Sue originally compiled this cookbook in 2006, just for family and a few friends.  Over the years, we have been asked so many times for recipes in it, that her daughter Susan decided to take on the project to update and republish the cookbook to sell.  Eva Sue and her daughter Susan both like to cook and have put a great deal of time and effort into creating a cookbook they hope you will enjoy.

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Eva Sue with husband Dick and their 3 children, Chris, Susan and Greg, 2014

It was Eva Sue's request that 100% of the proceeds from the sales go to a ministry she and husband Dick have been part of since 2011 that helps keep students in Mexico in school.  By purchasing this cookbook you are helping to empower students in the Baja region of Mexico through the gift of education.

Thank you for stopping by our site.

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